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Zachary's First Day of Pre-School!

 Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Well the day has finally come and it got here real quick. Zachary started his first day of pre-school and he was very excited this morning. The morning started off with waffles as the chosen first day of school breakfast. It took him a little while to start eating. I think he was a little nervous about today. While I was getting dressed he kept telling me that he was ready to go.

Once at school, he found his peg to hang his back pack and his bucket to put his lunch box in. He immediately told his teacher hi and picked a place at a table to start working on a puzzle. He then told me, "See you later, Mom!". With that, I gave him a hug and a kiss and left. We had a parent orientation meeting and during that meeting you could hear that some of the kids were experiencing separation anxiety. We are very fortunate that Zachary had already conquered this! Thank you so much to our church's nursery program.

Here are some pictures of Zachary ready for school. As you can tell he is still a Spider-man fan.


Visit to Aunt Mamie's!

 Friday, September 4, 2009

Last weekend Wyatt and I had the opportunity to go to Kansas to do a Pampered Chef Show. This also allowed us the chance to visit my sister and have some fun. It was a quick trip but lots of fun and many laughs. We attended the Wichita Wingnuts baseball game and as you can see Wyatt had a great time. He did really well for being up way past his bedtime.

I am very appreciative of my sister for always letting us stay there and putting up with the chaos of my kids. I love you Sis!


Morris Family Spring Photos 2010

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