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I love MUD Day!

 Saturday, May 15, 2010

On May 13, 2010, Zach's school held their annual Mud Day. Wow! They turned their playground into a mud pit. There was pools with muddy water, water stations, slip and slides with mud. It was awesome. The kids had so much fun slinging mud, making mud pies and playing with shaving cream too. I appreciate Grace Episcopal Preschool and all the fun things they do for the kids. Zach took about 15 minutes before he decided to dive in, but then he got really dirty!


Cakes for the T-Ball Team

 Sunday, May 9, 2010

Here is the treats that Nikki and I made for the boys. It is a browning frosted with green icing, with a baseball cake on top with their numbers. I think we are close to picking a name for our little bakery and so we should be getting a website soon.


Cubs T-ball season comes to a close.

We started off the season worried about coaching and actually teaching the kids how to play ball, but everything turned out great. I have enjoyed helping Coach Mo with practices and cheering our team on. We were very fortunate to have a great group of kids and very supportive parents. A big appreciation for all the dads who helped in the dugout getting the boys ready for each inning and to the moms for helping keep the little guys fed. Here are a few shots of Zachary that I think shows the ball player in him.


Fun Day at Zach's Preschool

On April 29, Zach's preschool has their annual Fun Day at San Gabriel Park. The kids had a large playscape to enjoy as well as a bounce house and train. Zach had a lot of fun playing with his class. They went on a nature walk and as you can see from the picture, he is pretty smart on where to line up. He is holding Ella's hand and if you ask him, she is his favorite girl. Tabor is his best bud and we have learned that he lives two streets from us. Zach is very excited now that they can get together and play more often.

A big Thank You goes out to Grace Episcopal Preschool! This year has been an amazing year for Zachary. He learned so much this year, thanks to Ms. Heather. He can read and write all of his numbers and letters. He can write his name and is beginning to sight read words. He learned a lot through science experiments, growing plants, and even a butterfly habitat. It is such a blessing to have wonderful teachers and school environment that really fosters growth in our kids. Thanks Grace Episcopal!


Red Poppy Festival 2010

 Friday, May 7, 2010

Every year our community put on the Annual Red Poppy Festival. Our family has enjoyed this event and look forward to it every year. The parade is fun and seems to get a little bit longer each time. I as a mother enjoy the process of getting my family ready to enjoy the day in the sun. We pack up and go find our front and center spots along main street as we answer questions from our little boys over and over "When is the parade going to start?". Once it starts they are mezmorized by the floats, dogs, horses, bands and clowns dance and march in front of us. Scrambling for candy makes it worth it too. This year was extra fun as we got to dress our little Poppy up and let her enjoy socializing too. My neighbor Elizabeth, who takes a lot of our family photos joined us for this day. Baby Bell is expected this September.



We have been enjoying the lovely spring weather. Since it has been cool, we have been spending a lot if time outside enjoying the playscape. While the boys play, I usually pull weeds in the yard, water flowers and the necessary pooper scoop duty. A family favorite outside is blowing bubbles. The boys scramble to chase the bubbles that get swept away by the breeze, but we never expected they would have to compete with Miss Poppy. Our miniature dachshund scrambles and chases the bubbles and has proven that little tiny puppies can jump high.


Morris Family Spring Photos 2010

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