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First Day of School

 Tuesday, August 24, 2010

This school year I have the opportunity of having 2 kids in school. Elyzabeth started her junior year of high school and big boy Zachary started kindergarten. Elyzabeth has been excited since she is now considered an upper-classman. Zachary is excited because he found out two girls from his pre-school class are in his class and sit at his table. We have been coaching Zach all weekend on who is teacher is and by Monday morning had no problems remembering it.

On returning home from school, Zach talked non-stop about reading, playing, and eating breakfast at school. He brought home a book they made and was able to read to Dad.


Wyatt's Shoe Fetish

No shoe is safe in our house. Wyatt will wear try on and wear anyone's shoes. Today's choice was Elyzabeth's pink flip flops.


Our Underwear Model

 Tuesday, August 17, 2010

In getting ready for school, I made Zach wear a pair of his new underwear to make sure they fit. He loves them. He started prancing around like a model and was telling me they look just like Daddy's!


The rest of the story....

We leave the Lego Games Tour and walk the 3 blocks back to the van. After buckling Wyatt in his car seat, Scott takes Zach to go potty, while I attempt to load the stroller. While stepping down from the steep curb to load the stroller I somehow miss-stepped and landed on my butt after hearing a pop and a crunch noise. Scott put Zach in the car and ran to help me up. I thought I was fine after the initial pain subsided a bit. I hobble to my side of the van and insisted that I was fine. We went to the mall and I tried to walk a few steps and realized that wasn't happening. Scott took Zach to the Lego store, and while Wyatt and I waited in the van, I started to realize that maybe my foot wasn't alright. The pain and swelling started. Needless to say I ended up going to Urgent Care to get X-rays. I have fractured a bone in my foot. UGH! I look good in a black boot!

This is right after it happened.

A couple of hours after. The swelling is starting.

The sexy black boot.


Lego Games Tour

Since Zachary has gone bonkers for Legos, we figured he would love to go to the Lego Games Tour in Austin. They have come out with games for all ages to play using legos. Neat idea. We packed up on Saturday, August 14th and headed down town Austin. Elyzabeth had to work, so it was me and the boys. What we didn't expect was for there to be no shade and in a hot parking lot. It said it was being held at the Bob Bullock Museum, but that really meant across the street in the parking lot. There was a lot of neat games going on, but it was just to hot to stand out there in the blazing sun. We then decided to head to the mall to the Lego store. That's when the rest of the story happens.......


Oh what a mess........Wyatt!

 Thursday, August 12, 2010

If a mess can be made, Wyatt is usually the one to do it. Zachary ran into us and exclaimed that Wyatt's face is red. We were a little concerned, due to the color. Only Wyatt could take a simple fruit snack and make such a gooey mess. It took 10 minutes of scrubbing to get this sticky goo off of him. Scott thinks he looks like the Joker!


Wii Fit Yoga

I caught Elyzabeth and Zachary not to long ago doing yoga on the wii fit together. How cute!


Happy 5th Birthday Zachary!

Zachary is now 5! We threw him a party at Chuck E Cheese with a Battle Force 5 cake. His favorite car from Battle Force 5 is the Saber, so of course we had to deliver. The cake turned out better than I had hoped and Zachary loved it. Other kids at Chuck E Cheese kept coming over and commenting on how they wished they had a cake like that. After the party we loaded up and went to New Braunfels and stayed with Grandpa and Grandma Morris. The next day we went to Seaworld. We don't have pictures of Seaworld since we did the water park part of it. We did have fun and Zach's favorite part was the sea lion show. Wyatt loved the lazy river. Zach was also brave enough to go on the Journey to Atlantis ride. I was so proud of him.

I have also attached the Happy Birthday signs that Zach and Aunt Lisa exchange.

Zachary got many great gifts. Thank you for thinking of him. Just to let everyone know he used all of his birthday money to buy the big Atlantis Lego set (pictured attached).


While Mom was away....

The last week in July, Elyzabeth and I went and visited my sister in Kansas. Scott kept the boys for the week and had quite the time with them. They played video games, played at Burger King's playscape and Wyatt decided to be mischievious. He decided to take his pullup off during nap times but did make some new friends. Here is his new posse.


Morris Family Spring Photos 2010

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