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Wyatt's 1st day of LEAP program

 Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Since Wyatt has turned 3, he has now transitioned from the county speech therapy program to the school system. He is attending a Language, Expression, articulation, phonetic program. He has accomplished a lot in the past 10 months of speech therapy. He is very engaged with the family, and can verbally tell us what he wants or feels. He is now calling everyone by their names and is such a happy boy. Gone is the frustration of not having us understand what he is saying. Now having said that, we his parents can understand 95% of what he says, but to others it's still toddler talk that is hard to understand. This is a huge improvement over when he was only talking in vowels and would throw a tantrum because we couldn't understand him.

A huge thanks goes out to a wonderful and talented lady named Katherine. She has been Wyatt's speech therapist for the past 10 months and has gotten Wyatt to come out of his shell. Katherine has helped our family life tremendously by helping us understand Wyatt and his speech. When Wyatt first started with Katherine we learned that he was talking but it was all in vowels. Which is very hard to grasp. It is such a sweet sound when Wyatt calls me "Mama" now and does not have to be prompted or asked to call me that. He is so happy now and is so verbal now. Thanks Katherine!


Good night moon!

 Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wow, what a sight. Tonight is the night of the supermoon and we were fortunate to get a few good pictures.


The Birthday Cakes

 Sunday, March 13, 2011

Here is a close up of the cakes.


Happy Birthday Wyatt and Dee!

This year we combined a few birthdays and had one huge party. We celebrated Wyatt and Dee's (Scott's stepmom) birthdays together. It was a surprise party for Dee and we used Wyatt's party to get her up to Georgetown for her party. She was totally shocked and Wyatt had a great time running around playing with friends and cousins. The cakes got lots of compliments that they looked beautiful and tasted great as well. One of Wyatt's gift, which was from Mommy and Daddy, was a fish tank. We set it up today so we can go buy fish on his actual birthday. The tank has a clam that fills with bubbles and then releases them, which is wyatt's favorite part. He has been standing on a stool most of the day just watching the tank. He is so excited.

A special thanks for all of the birthday gifts that Wyatt has received. You can see his enthusiasm for them all in the pictures. Thanks and we love ya all!


Happy Valentine's Day

 Friday, March 4, 2011

I made a couple of these small cakes for Valentine's Day. I gave one to my family and the other to Rob and Elizabeth Bell. Rob was home for R&R in February so I had to make them something special.

These cakes are so cute and small. The offer a small cake for those who don't want a lot of cake but DO want something sweet.


Under the Sea Birthday Cupcake Tower!

I guess I am doing well at the cupcake towers, because this is my 3rd one and we have a wedding cupcake tower to do in April. I am very excited to be booked for 3 weddings this year.

This cupcake tower was for a little girl turning 8 years old and everything is edible on these cupcakes. Each topper was hand created and I think they turned out really well. When we delivered the cake the house was decorated so cute with sea animals hanging everywhere. They also had a giant disco ball hanging that was reflecting light so it looked like you were under water.

The good news is that they loved the cake and have put in 3 orders for other cakes in a few months. Will post the tower picture when I get it.


Snow Day!

The boys tried to see what they could make out of the snow we received in February. Unfortunately, it wasn't wet enough. It was just powder. They were kind of disappointed. Zachary is hoping next year's will allow him to make a snowman.


Baby Shower Cupcake Tower

Here are a few photos of the Baby Shower cupcake tower we did in January. It was a lot of fun and I got some more practice at making animals.


Morris Family Spring Photos 2010

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