June Trip to Kansas!

 Saturday, June 19, 2010

Every chance I get, I make the trek to Kansas to see my sister and family. Our recent trip was fun and we spent a lot of time being wet from many water balloon fights or playing in the sprinkler to keep cool. Poppy has proven that she can sleep anywhere. A few pictures look fuzzy and that just shows you how cold my sister keeps her house. I would step outside and my lens would fog up. I love you Amiee!


It's Magic!

It's amazing to look back and see the progression of your child. Along time ago we banned scooby-doo because it caused Zach to lose sleep worrying about ghosts. That translates into mom and dad losing even more sleep, which makes us feel like the zombies that scooby-doo runs from. Fast forward 1 year and now he loves it and can't get enough of it. One day after watching an episode titled "Abracadabra Doo", Zach came up with his own magic trick. Enjoy!


Zach's Victory Dance!

 Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So it has been requested that I post these silly videos of Zachary. This video is Zach doing his victory dance one night that we played Wii bowling for Family Home Evening. He was excited that he got a spare.

Hope you enjoy our silly 4yr old.


Driving Permit? Are we really there yet?

 Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today was a big day for Elyzabeth. Since school has been winding down, Elyzabeth has had the time to start her drivers education. Over the past week she has successfully passed enough coursework to obtain her learners permit. Today bright and early the boys and I drove Elyzabeth to the DMV. It was unusually crowded today, but by bribing the boys with candy and playing ipods they were pretty good being patient. After the long wait and going over all of our paperwork, she was ready to take the test. She was pretty nervous but had no reason to worry. She passed!

She is not ready to be turned loose on the roads, but now we can get her behind the wheel legally and start teaching that portion. We will definitely keep you posted.


Pretty Poppy

While the family was in New Braunfels, I stayed at home with Wyatt and played with my new camera. The old one finally crapped out at Zach's preschool graduation. My wonderful husband was so kind and to replace it with a Canon Poweshot SX20 IS. Wow is it awesome. So of course I had to practice on Poppy!


Pink Eye

Saturday, May 29th Wyatt woke up with crusty eyes that were bloodshot and had green goo coming out of them. I immediately knew what it was and called the pediatrician. Because of this Wyatt and I stayed home, while Scott, Zach and Elyzabeth went to New Braunfels and enjoyed a float down the river. I tried to get a good picture of his pink eye, but every time he saw the camera he would start yelling cheese.


Zach the Pest!

Well according to his sister, he can be a pest. Over the memorial day weekend, we had some time together as a family. Zach was in mischievious mode and swiped sister's headband. A chase ensued throughout the house, and I couldn't resist taking a picture of Zach looking like Rambo.


Good Grade Motivation

Elyzabeth has worked hard to finish out her Sophomore year, but a little bargaining never hurts either. She has wanted to have the top of her ear pierced for quite some time, so Dad used this as a motivational piece for her not to slack off at the end of the school year. It worked. She did so well that she got to exempt 4 finals. Way to go Elyzabeth!

Now we are trying to wrap our head around the fact that she is a Junior! The hula girl is a mascot from Scott's work and got the opportunity to live with us for the month of May.


Morris Family Spring Photos 2010

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