Star Goalie-Zach's first soccer game

 Sunday, September 26, 2010

Saturday was a big day for the Morris family. Air fest in the morning and Zach's soccer game at 11am. When we got to the soccer fields we had a lot of confusion. We couldn't find the team that Zach had been practicing with. We learned that we had been practicing with the wrong team. He had been with the first grade team and not his kindergarten team. Needless to say, we are much relieved to know he is with kids his own height and age. Zach had a good time and played goalie quite a bit. He is quite good and stopped several goals. He love it when everyone cheered for him and his coach picked him up and threw him in the air. Goalie is his favorite position so far.


Georgetown Air Fest

It's nice to find fun things to do in your hometown that are free. We trekked out of the house by 7:30am and made the Georgetown Air Fest Flight breakfast and then got to see all of the cool airplanes and helicopters on display. Zachary and Scott both were excited to see the Apache helicopter. Wyatt just wanted to run. These days that boy only has one speed and that is fast. I don't mind because then he takes a great nap. Every time we couldn't find something, Zach would tell us we needed a map and when we found a map he was sure to study it and point out where we needed to go.

We had a great time spending time in our community and as a family. We are definitely looking forward to fall and cooler temperatures.


Wyatt Loves Blues Clues

 Thursday, September 23, 2010

I have been trying to catch him singing the songs from the show, but every time I get my camera or phone he stops. Today I pretended to talk on my phone like it was on speakerphone and I was able to catch a snip-it of him singing. I will try to get more because he is so darn cute.


Up the Chisolm Trail

 Wednesday, September 22, 2010

On Saturday, Sept. 18 -19th, Georgetown celebrated Up the Chisolm Trail. It seems to be an annual event, and it was fun. The main event that I wanted to see was the cattle drive. I thought the kids would like it and the boys were fascinated by the long horns. We were pretty close and had a great view. We had lots of fun and will be looking forward to next year's events. The funniest thing that happened was Talon and Elyzabeth took Zach on a wagon ride and the gentleman running it told them to get their kid loaded. Talon laughed, and Elyzabeth was offended.


Georgetown High School Homecoming

Texas has a big tradition regarding homecomings. Making homecoming mums are a huge deal, so every year Nicki and myself make sure Elyzabeth has great looking mums. This year I got to make a garter for her boyfriend Talon. I don't quite understand the mum craziness, but I do enjoy making them. Here is the cute couple all ready for homecoming with their mums. In one of the pictures, little brother Zachary made a quick move and got into the picture. Gotta love him!

THANK YOU Nicki to always making sure we Elyzabeth has some great looking mums.


Fall Soccer

We decided to try out soccer this fall. Zach is quite excited and doing really well. Baseball was to expensive, $125 for 3 weeks vs. $35 for 9 weeks of soccer. Thank goodness Zach was open to soccer.


Elyzabeth's Boyfriend

Elyzabeth has recently started dating. Of course she is excited. Talon has spent some time with our family and Zachary has nicknamed him "The Claw". Mom and Dad like the fact that chores are getting done, due to the threat of no chores, no date policy.


Nicole Morris Cakes

We did this cake of couple of weeks ago and thought I would share it. It was for a girl baby shower.


Ready for Church!

It was hard to get both of them to stand still and smile together. They are so handsome!


Darn Orange Markers!

What is it with my boys and orange markers. This time it's Wyatt with the marker and instead of doing my walls, he decorated himself.

I am going to impose an orange marker ban in my house!


Morris Family Spring Photos 2010

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