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Fun Day at Zach's Preschool

 Sunday, May 9, 2010

On April 29, Zach's preschool has their annual Fun Day at San Gabriel Park. The kids had a large playscape to enjoy as well as a bounce house and train. Zach had a lot of fun playing with his class. They went on a nature walk and as you can see from the picture, he is pretty smart on where to line up. He is holding Ella's hand and if you ask him, she is his favorite girl. Tabor is his best bud and we have learned that he lives two streets from us. Zach is very excited now that they can get together and play more often.

A big Thank You goes out to Grace Episcopal Preschool! This year has been an amazing year for Zachary. He learned so much this year, thanks to Ms. Heather. He can read and write all of his numbers and letters. He can write his name and is beginning to sight read words. He learned a lot through science experiments, growing plants, and even a butterfly habitat. It is such a blessing to have wonderful teachers and school environment that really fosters growth in our kids. Thanks Grace Episcopal!


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