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 Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We leave the Lego Games Tour and walk the 3 blocks back to the van. After buckling Wyatt in his car seat, Scott takes Zach to go potty, while I attempt to load the stroller. While stepping down from the steep curb to load the stroller I somehow miss-stepped and landed on my butt after hearing a pop and a crunch noise. Scott put Zach in the car and ran to help me up. I thought I was fine after the initial pain subsided a bit. I hobble to my side of the van and insisted that I was fine. We went to the mall and I tried to walk a few steps and realized that wasn't happening. Scott took Zach to the Lego store, and while Wyatt and I waited in the van, I started to realize that maybe my foot wasn't alright. The pain and swelling started. Needless to say I ended up going to Urgent Care to get X-rays. I have fractured a bone in my foot. UGH! I look good in a black boot!

This is right after it happened.

A couple of hours after. The swelling is starting.

The sexy black boot.


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