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Happy Birthday Wyatt and Dee!

 Sunday, March 13, 2011

This year we combined a few birthdays and had one huge party. We celebrated Wyatt and Dee's (Scott's stepmom) birthdays together. It was a surprise party for Dee and we used Wyatt's party to get her up to Georgetown for her party. She was totally shocked and Wyatt had a great time running around playing with friends and cousins. The cakes got lots of compliments that they looked beautiful and tasted great as well. One of Wyatt's gift, which was from Mommy and Daddy, was a fish tank. We set it up today so we can go buy fish on his actual birthday. The tank has a clam that fills with bubbles and then releases them, which is wyatt's favorite part. He has been standing on a stool most of the day just watching the tank. He is so excited.

A special thanks for all of the birthday gifts that Wyatt has received. You can see his enthusiasm for them all in the pictures. Thanks and we love ya all!


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