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Wyatt's 1st day of LEAP program

 Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Since Wyatt has turned 3, he has now transitioned from the county speech therapy program to the school system. He is attending a Language, Expression, articulation, phonetic program. He has accomplished a lot in the past 10 months of speech therapy. He is very engaged with the family, and can verbally tell us what he wants or feels. He is now calling everyone by their names and is such a happy boy. Gone is the frustration of not having us understand what he is saying. Now having said that, we his parents can understand 95% of what he says, but to others it's still toddler talk that is hard to understand. This is a huge improvement over when he was only talking in vowels and would throw a tantrum because we couldn't understand him.

A huge thanks goes out to a wonderful and talented lady named Katherine. She has been Wyatt's speech therapist for the past 10 months and has gotten Wyatt to come out of his shell. Katherine has helped our family life tremendously by helping us understand Wyatt and his speech. When Wyatt first started with Katherine we learned that he was talking but it was all in vowels. Which is very hard to grasp. It is such a sweet sound when Wyatt calls me "Mama" now and does not have to be prompted or asked to call me that. He is so happy now and is so verbal now. Thanks Katherine!


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